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Naruto Manga 565 - Naruto ナルト 565 Raw Spoiler

The next chapter is Naruto 565 | One Piece 648 | Bleach 475.
 Read Naruto 565 English chapter scans has been released!

As we know, naruto 565 will be added in this site as soon as the naruto 565 spoiler has been released, for some naruto manga fans that asking when the naruto 565 raw and naruto 565 English scans came out?
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(Bee is confused about their eyes and asks Naruto to explain him)
ナルトは、移住の目が、ちょうどその時の痛みの戦いのようなビジョンを共有していることを説明 する
(Naruto explains how the rinnegan works, with shared vision and recalls his fight with Pain)
(their fight continues, but Han stops them with an attack)
(Tobi talks about naruto and how they will be captured)
(Bee wants to end this quickly and goes into full 8-tails mode, goes on rampage)
(the chapter ends with naruto and bee against more agressive tailed beasts)
どのように終わるのだろうか? !
(how will it end? !)
I still think that the Jubi is the distant mastermind of this whole affair. Tobi could very well be some sort of creation by Madara via Izanagi before he died to resurrect himself and do the whole Moon Eye Plan - but Tobi could be getting his own ideas as an extension of the Jubi and is now trying to just resurrect the Jubi instead of Madara. That's how I think it will all end up. 
naruto manga 565

well, we still don't have the exact time of arrival but mostly, naruto 565 release date is from Tuesday night to Thursday morning.
The Jubi just seems to fit that bill. It is the most powerful force and legend we've heard about so far, and theoretically is the source for all the hate out there. Plus it makes the current fights with Madara/Tobi just a warm up rather than the main event. Unless the manga is going to wrap up right here and now with these two fights, there has to be something afterwards to be a challenge.
We hope you enjoying to read naruto 565, come again next week for the next naruto chapter scans and spoilers.

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